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Deep down, we all know that the system is broken. We know it isn’t working for American families or the plan sponsors they rely on for their health and welfare benefits. Why? Because it’s not designed to work for them. The entire system is designed perversely to benefit investors, not plan sponsors, and certainly not American working families. There is a better way.

Sav-Rx’s comprehensive Medication Benefit Management solution is radically transparent, designed to optimize plan performance while protecting the physical and financial well-being of American workers, their families, their employers, and the communities in which we all work and live.

There are many things that make Sav-Rx different, but the most compelling is that we don’t put profits over people.

Comprehensive Services

Clinical Programs

Financial Models

Comprehensive Services: 
Solutions that meet you where you are

Because we’re privately owned and not beholden to outside investors, we have the liberty to operate in your financial interests exclusively – putting your plan and your participants at the center of a value equation that doesn’t prioritize profits over people.

Sav-Rx Retail Network
  • Sav-Rx operates a wholly owned network of over 74,000 retail pharmacies across the United States. This network includes all chains and over 18,000 independent retail pharmacy locations. Moreover, the network can be customized to meet your unique goals and objectives.
Sav-Rx Mail Order Pharmacy
  • Sav-Rx operates a wholly owned and fully integrated mail order facility.
  • Centrally located in Fremont, Nebraska, the Sav-Rx Mail Order Pharmacy is able to fulfill prescription drug delivery to patients quickly and efficiently regardless of their location in the United States.
Sav-Rx Specialty Pharmacy
  • The Sav-Rx Specialty Pharmacy provides safe and affordable management of specialty pharmaceuticals including biotech injectables, infusions, and advanced oral drugs.
  • Patient safety is our priority. Our team of highly qualified, licensed, and trained clinical pharmacists operate our specialty pharmacy in full compliance with all Federal guidelines, ensuring that your members receive the highest quality specialty medications when and where they need them.
  • And for those patients who require limited-distribution specialty medications, Sav-Rx takes great care to proactively coordinate their enrollment and medication distribution through our dispensing partners so that they can be sure that the life-sustaining medications they rely on will be delivered on time every time.
Account Management
  • We align our operations to support your unique plan objectives. We understand that it is your plan, and that our role is to optimize its performance so that it can be sustained. Our goal is to help solve the problems you will face tomorrow, today. Our account management team puts you first. We are responsive, agile, and, most importantly, aligned with your interests. It’s one of the many reasons why 100% of Sav-Rx clients are active references on our behalf.
Project Management
  • We understand that change can be hard, and that disruption is a four-letter word. That’s why we’ve staffed a project management office (PMO) with a team of talented professionals who will walk side-by-side with you during the entire implementation process and ensure that your plan goes live on time and without error.
  • Our transitions from other pharmacy benefit providers are characterized by smart grandfathering options, open refill transfer files, rigorous testing, and ongoing claims monitoring to ensure we get it right every time.
24/7/365 Live Customer Service
  • Sav-Rx’s call center is staffed by highly trained, unionized customer service representatives located in the United States. Every call into Sav-Rx is answered by a live agent, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Participants will not experience the frustration caused by computerized or dial around phone systems common to every other call center operated by competitors in the industry. When participants call Sav-Rx, they won’t speak to a robot, they will speak directly with a Sav-Rx team member. In fact, at Sav-Rx, we don’t even employ voicemail, ensuring that every call made to Sav-Rx is answered live.
Client Services
  • The problems your organization faces might be common, but to you they are as unique as they are pressing. Sav-Rx’s highly experienced team of professionals will work tirelessly to deliver on every promise we make. This commitment is one of the many reasons why Sav-Rx has the lowest client attrition rate within the established industry, and why 100% of Sav-Rx’s clients are references on our behalf.

Clinical programs: 

Value-based, uniquely designed, stress-free

Sav-Rx has been innovating life-changing and money-saving solutions for decades. Our clinical programs are unsurpassed in their ability to reduce costs, sustain them, and protect the health and safety of the members we have been entrusted to serve.

Whether it’s through prior authorization, step therapy, compound management, therapeutic substitution, biosimilar optimization, or other uniquely powerful clinical programs, we are confident we can save your plan money and better protect the safety and well-being of your members. Contact us today to learn more.

Healthcare is about more than benefits. It’s about people. But for benefits to be sustained, their costs must be sustainable.

Remote Patient Monitoring
  • The Remote Patient Monitoring Program (RPM) equips patients and their providers with tools to proactively measure and track their progress toward health improvement goals. Connected peripheral devices seamlessly surface actionable data so participants, their health coaches, and their medical providers, can easily understand how their health is trending. Sav-Rx’s adoption of Population Health Management tools will continue to evolve as we deploy more solutions to directly meet the medical needs of plan participants.
Physician Dispensing
  • Sav-Rx’s affiliate company, A-S Medications provides comprehensive physician and clinic dispensing solutions, ensuring patients have access to needed medications at the point of clinical care. Our firm is the largest provider of these unique services in the nation, serving hundreds of thousands of patients every week across the plan-sponsored onsite and near-site primary care and direct primary care industries.

Financial Models:
Solutions that meet you where you are

Sav-Rx is radically transparent. Whether you are looking for a 100% pass-through financial model or a traditional guaranteed rate plan, we will deliver a fully transparent solution focused on providing benefits at the lowest net cost possible. 

100% Transparent Pass-Through Plan
  • Sav-Rx charges a fixed and flat administrative and clinical program fee. You will know from day one to day 1,000 exactly how much we make administering your plan. No hidden costs. No hidden agendas. Just honest contracting and unrivaled service delivery. We are the only provider that prices drugs at NADAC (National Average Drug Acquisition Cost) at both mail and retail. NADAC calculates the average price that pharmacies pay for prescription drugs. CMS updates costs weekly, so the costs reflect the actual invoice prices paid by drug retailers, meaning it removes the “spread” from pharmacy payments. Pharmacies are paid a fair dispensing fee which is passed on to your plan in complete transparency. And 100% of every dollar we collect from any drug manufacturer, not just rebates, is passed on to your plan.
100% Transparent Traditional Guaranteed Rate Plan
  • Sav-Rx’s Guaranteed Rate Plan offers a fully transparent traditional financial model. In this model Sav-Rx utilizes Medispan’s AWP (Average Wholesale Price), guaranteeing a percent savings off of the benchmark drug cost. Sav-Rx fully discloses all sources of manufacturer revenues, not just rebates, as well as our spread. In this model, Sav-Rx does not charge any administrative, ad hoc, or clinical program fees, but retains a contractually defined portion of the collected manufacturer revenues, passing through the remainder to your plan.

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At Sav-Rx, we measure our success not in private equity or shareholder value, but by the quality of the lives we impact. Experience a seamless transition from your current PBM, with uninterrupted service. Once transitioned, you will receive a custom-made benefits plan, suited to your unique health needs, from our experts. Want to learn more about how this is possible?

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